Citizens Bank of
Portland 1886
The First and Farmers Bank celebrated its centennial in 1986, through the century it has operated under various names.  In the beginning it was the Citizens Bank, today it is the First and Farmers Bank. 

The First and Farmers Bank is a consolidation of the First National Bank of Portland and the Farmers National Bank.  The consolidated bank weathered the Depression and the Bank holiday of 1932.

Name History:
   The Citizens Bank of Portland, Dakota Territory.
George A. White, a lawyer of the community, established a private bank in Portland, in 1886, with his brother-in-law, W.F. Powers, as cashier and himself as president.  It is from the Citizens Bank that the Portland Bank Starts its life.
    The Portland State bank of Portland, North Dakota.
With the coming of statehood, Mr. White and others applied for a state charter and assumed the assets and liabilities of the citizens Bank.  A brick building was erected in 1900;  this building stands on Main Street today.
    The First National Bank of Portland, North Dakota.
In 1905, owners of the Portland State bank applied for a national charter and the Portland State Bank, thereafter, was known as the First National Bank.
The Farmers National Bank of Portland, North Dakota.
In 1918, a group of farmers, having been granted a charter for the Farmers National Bank, erected a two-story brick bank building. The bank flourished until the Depression of 1930, when an agreement was made to merge with the First National Bank. This consolidation brought financial strength to the community.   oldbank_small.jpg (7419 bytes)
The consolidation bank was named:  The First and Farmers National Bank.  In 1943 the name was:  The First and Farmers Bank.  It remained in the Farmers National Bank until 1968, when it was moved to the present location.

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