VISA® Check Card

  Let us introduce you to the VISA® check Card! It's an instant cash card that doubles as an "electronic" checkbook. The VISA® Check Card gives you all the buying power of a checkbook in one versatile card. It's the one card you'll want to carry everywhere!
   Multiple Uses and Options
  • Use it as your cash card at ATM's
  • Earn cash rewards for check card purchases
  • No ATM Fees - we refund ATM fees from any other Bank ATM that you may use.
  • Use it instead of your checkbook to make purchases wherever VISA® is accepted worldwide.
  • It's cash, not credit! Funds for your purchases are drawn from your checking account as if you've written a paper check.
  • Each month you get a detailed record of all VISA® Check Card transactions on your account statement.

Call or stop by either of the First and Farmers Bank locations to apply for a VISA Check Card today.


Account disclosures available upon request.

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